Meet Some Of The Therapists

The Wellness Counselling Group consists of professional and qualified Registered Psychotherapists and Counsellors who provide an empathetic, proactive environment for personal empowerment.

Associate - Liana Palmerio-McIvor

Liana Palmerio-McIvor

Liana Palmerio-McIvor is a Registered Psychotherapist who had been in practice since 1994, specializing in children / teenagers, family mediation, and anxiety disorders. She holds a degree in psychology from McMaster University and a graduate diploma in the Clinical Techniques of Counselling as well as Sex Therapy Certification from Guelph University. Liana has also pursued professional clinical training in sex medicine with a Clinical Practicum Group located at Womenís College Hospital (Toronto). Her expertise includes anxiety, panic and depression, sexual disorders, marital issue, womens issues and self-esteem enhancement.

Associate - Sanet Burger, PhD

Sanet Burger, D.Ed.

Sanet specializes in emotional, learning, social and behavioural difficulties of childhood and adolescence, including ADHD, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, stress, worries, self-Injury behaviour, anger, including parenting and family intervention and Career Counselling.

Associate - Paul McIvor

Paul McIvor

For the past decade Paul has counseled prison inmates in Canada and the United States, helping them practice mindfulness in the most challenging circumstances and still get the most from the present moment. He currently co-leads a meditation program for prisoners at Maplehurst Correctional Complex, building on his training in the Zen tradition. His focus is on simplicity and being present in the moment. Paul is also a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Toronto and the University of Guelph at Humber. He also speaks often at conferences and for corporate clients. Paul has a BA from the University of Toronto and an MA in Religious Studies from the University of South Africa.

Associate - Kathryn Burton

Kathryn Burton

Kathryn is a Registered Couple & Family Therapist, with a background in Nursing, and Social Work. She has over 25 years experience, working with individuals, couples, families, & groups, in Hamilton, Oakville, Peel, and Burlington, where she maintains a Private Practice, at 2349 Fairview. Kathryn specializes in working with couples (communication, conflict, infidelity, intimacy, pre-marriage counselling, separation counselling), and clients who are stressed in toxic work situations. Her experience as Chief Steward, and training in Restorative Yoga, help her provide effective, safe, understanding care, for clients challenged in the workplace. Individual counselling for personal growth is offered for : Addictions, Grief/Loss, Parenting concerns, Singles, Self-esteem,Co-dependency, Adult ADD,and your unique issues. A 3-session hypnosis treatment program is available for: anxiety, smoking cessation, and weight loss. Clients struggling with chronic pain or physical illness are helped through counselling, and may also want instruction in supported, restorative yoga, and/or music and meditation. For more information, go to:

Associate - Manon Dulude

Manon Dulude

Manon Dulude has over twenty-five years of solid and extensive experience as counsellor and as a personal and professional coach. Manon has worked with individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, grief and major life transition. As a Coach, Manon has worked with senior executives and key officials in the financial sector, government sector, hotel industry, crown corporations, and the non-profit sector.

Manon has developed curriculum and delivered training programs to many organizations in the areas of leadership and team development, collaborative conflict resolution, effective communication, transition/change management, wellness, time and stress management, and organizational culture transition.

Associate - Deanna Bervoets, RSW

Deanna Bervoets, RSW

I am a Registered Social Worker and Mental Health Counsellor and I help children, youth, adolescents and families develop strategies to manage and cope with personal and social distress.

My areas of specialization are:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self-harm
  • Relationship issues
  • Parent-teen conflict

In my sessions I utilize a combination of techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), trauma-focused therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy. My experiences in the school board, outpatient mental health, and within child welfare have given me the tools to effectively work with the above populations.

Associate - Natalie Haynes, RP

Natalie Haynes, RP

I became a therapist because I was a client. I tell you this because I saw firsthand how the power of counselling and psychotherapy changed me, my relationship with myself and others. I had struggled with anxiety and depression. You would not have been able to tell from looking at me. I smiled and seemed confident on the outside but on the inside, I couldnít stand being in my own skin. I needed a change, a new life and I created it.

Counselling and Psychotherapy helped me to find the strength I knew I always had, a new appreciation for the intelligence of my emotions, and the ability to support myself or ask for support when needed. I developed a passion for counselling and psychotherapy because I saw what became possible within me and wanted to provide that for others.

Associate - Andrea Ramsay-Speers, RP

Andrea Ramsay-Speers, RP

As a parent myself, I now understand how easy it is for the message of love to get lost in everything I need to teach and share with my own children. As a wife and partner, I know how challenging it can be to communicate well and work as a team in a long-term relationship. And being both a wife and a mom, I realize how important it is to take care of not only my family, but also my own mental health.

Using my Masterís Degree and my experience as a psychotherapist with a focus on family issues, I work with my clients to design a plan to improve their families, marriages, and daily lives. Communication tools, problems solving skills, empathy and understanding are the cornerstones of overcoming family challenges; I teach my clients how to use these approaches and when. Knowing how to take care of yourself is a critical skill, whether thatís learning stress or anxiety coping skills, improving our moods, or managing relationships in and out of the home. I teach my clients how to communicate effectively with their families, without alienating them or pushing them away, empowering them as parents and spouses, and allowing them to feel confident in handling even the stickiest challenges, in and outside of the family.

All associates work together as a team to provide complete coverage of all mental health issues. We are happy to help