Working With Children And Adolescents

The Wellness Counselling Group consists of professional and qualified Registered Psychotherapists and Counsellors who provide an empathetic, proactive environment for personal empowerment.


Parenting in the 21st Century is extremely challenging, particularly coping with financial constraints, balancing family and work, divorce and blended family issues as well as societal and peer demands placed on you and your children.

At The Wellness Counselling Group our focus is working with children and adolescents, helping them build their self-esteem, increase their communication skills at home and understand issues of responsibility and respect for themselves and those around them.

A friendly, warm and enthusiastic environment is always available for you when the needs of family, friends, school and expectations become overpowering. We pride ourselves on knowing the needs of the client, by providing motivated, empowering therapists that children and adolescents can connect with. In most cases this results in fewer boundaries (such as generation gaps, style, and behavioural understanding) to overcome, on top of less time getting to know and feel comfortable with one another.

Unsure? Please feel free to contact us and inquire about a FREE half hour initial consultation.