The Wellness Counselling Group consists of professional and qualified Psychotherapists and Counsellors who provide an empathetic, proactive environment for personal empowerment.


The fact that you have visited our website is because we know you are struggling with some issues, and you have taken the first step to changing your life by coming here.

We can help you with the next steps

Our group of therapists are genuine, caring and empowering individuals who can motivate you or your loved one in a positive direction with their lives.

We believe that good therapists / counsellors do not have to have the highest degree, diploma or certification possible with top grades. Therapists must be people who are qualified but with outgoing, enthusiastic personalities and a genuine concern for their clients well-being. Customer Service is a key concern for us; something we think has been forgotten in the field of Mental Wellness.

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On-site in our head office in Oakville there is a Registered Massage Therapist here to aid in relaxation and self-care. To contact her directly call Christine Schlecht @ Revive Massage Therapy at (905) 339-3322.